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I am aLwaYs mE^.~as sImpLe That!! waNna knOw mOre bout mE!!Let's be Friend!! I am a gOod Friend!!^.~

Senin, 19 April 2010

_ Faded LoVe _

"..I felt then Faded in mY heart
the Love that eXists for You,
I was tired With all that I have
Wanted to Loose all.."

"..Satan himself Spoke up,
What if I just Screawing me have a Lot of his FRIENDS Like my guY's

"..It should You find Your seLf aLone
cOmpanion,beCause we have not RIGHT,SPIKING,
Each other sTories about our past,
Only in the mEmOries oF You HEART.."

Nadya Ointu

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