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I am aLwaYs mE^.~as sImpLe That!! waNna knOw mOre bout mE!!Let's be Friend!! I am a gOod Friend!!^.~

Senin, 19 April 2010


.Attractive Friend beCause Flower..
.Attractive Liver beCause It Fine..
.Attractive Love beCauSe tHere iS yOu..

.PeaCe sWeet FeLt hOney..
.PeaCe Love say I Love You..
.PeaCe LonGing it wHisper I MisS You..

.Love is Good as iT sOund,
.Tender his aRrivaL,
.but cRuel deParture..

Nadya Ointu

- A SunnY wOrning -

..I opened the Window oF the House
Looks beautifuL Yard fLowers bLoom

..On the rOad the kids go to sChooL
TwinkLe tHeir eYes I was greeted them pLeasantLy
Greeted With ExcimEnt.

Nadya Ointu


"..haVe tO spLit mY time With You weep
For me untiL the end You were right
next to mY Heart.."

"..I reCall that also LovEs
me reCall oUr Love can not be
Together ForeVer .."

"..cLose to the tWo eYes in the
absence oF his beLoved
had beEn defeated in the mEmOries of Love Gone ForeVer.."

Nadya Ointu

- Kiss-

"..Hair bow Your eYes and You can
imagine You were mine Smile.."

"..Put Your arm aRound mY waist and
You can Embrace the doubts I was

"..Put Your Lips on mY Lips and
Let You get me One.."

Nadya Ointu

_ Faded LoVe _

"..I felt then Faded in mY heart
the Love that eXists for You,
I was tired With all that I have
Wanted to Loose all.."

"..Satan himself Spoke up,
What if I just Screawing me have a Lot of his FRIENDS Like my guY's

"..It should You find Your seLf aLone
cOmpanion,beCause we have not RIGHT,SPIKING,
Each other sTories about our past,
Only in the mEmOries oF You HEART.."

Nadya Ointu

_BeLoVeD TeacHer_

Teacher You are the consolation of my soul,
You are unsung he roses ,at times
i was thirsty on the education you give him conditioning.

It was felt empty world without you,
Who knows, What hapPens if the world is nit You?
All I can for You!

Dear Teacher,,
Would not forget what you have done,
until the end of mY days.

Nadya Ointu

Minggu, 18 April 2010

Guruku Yang Tersayang

Guru...enkau adalah pelipur jiwaku
engkau adalah pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa
dikala aku haus tentang pendidikan
engkau memberi penyejuknya.

Sungguh dunia ini terasa hampa tanpa engkau
entah apa yang terjadi,
jika dunia ini tidak ada engkau?
semua itu ku dapat karena engkau.

Guruku tersayang
tak akan kulupakan jasamu
sampai akhir hayatku.

Nadya Ointu